Taylor Swift Is ‘Obsessed’ With This Mash-Up Of ‘Blank Space’ And ‘Style’ [Listen]

With an artist as popular as Taylor Swift, you wouldn’t expect your fan-made music videos to be seen by the original artist. But one lucky Nashville artist had the musical talent to get the attention of Taylor in a mash-up of her songs “Blank Space” and “Style.” You can watch the video above, featuring Louisa Wendorff on vocals and Devin Dawson on guitar.

The cover is a stripped-down acoustic version of “Blank Space” with portions of “Style” sung over the vocals and some back-and-forth between the melodies of the songs. Dawson compliments the vocals of Wendorff, who gently croons Taylor Swift’s emotional lyrics underneath a rhythm guitar.

The “Blank Space”/”Style” mash-up was of such a high caliber that Taylor Swift herself posted the video to her Twitter page, according to the Huffington Post. Swift shared the “Blank Space” cover with the caption “OBSESSED.” Since then, the video has accumulated over one million views.

Louisa Wendorff responded to Swift’s sharing of the “Blank Space” mash-up with a star struck tweet of her own.

Both “Blank Space” and “Style” are tracks from Taylor Swift’s latest album 1989, which has sold incredibly well since its release. “Blank Space” has become especially notorious for being an intentional parody of Taylor Swift herself, and the way the media perceives her relationships with men.

Bustle reported on Taylor Swift’s “obsession” with the “Blank Space” mash-up, claiming that Swift has become known for doing kind favors for fans, especially those who do covers of her songs. In fact, it’s possible that Taylor isn’t done doing favors for Wendorff. After all, this isn’t the first time Taylor has tweeted covers of her songs. While “Blank Space” is one of her biggest hits, her song “Shake It Off” has seen a lot of fan attention too — and she recently reciprocated the love by tweeting out Jesse Will’s cover of the song. “My favorite covers are the ones where the artist has made it their own, changing the way the song makes you feel,” she wrote.

For anyone interested in hearing more from Louisa Wendorff, you can visit her YouTube channel. She has promised to release more new content in 2015. What do you think of Louisa’s mash-up of “Blank Space” and “Style”? Are there any other Taylor Swift songs she and Devin Dawson should cover?

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