Catch A Glimpse Of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 As Leaked Renders Hit The Web

Fans of Samsung’s Galaxy S series of smartphones are not doubt waiting with bated breath to see what the South Korean tech giant has in store for the next installment of its flagship device. We might just have gotten a clearer glimpse of what Samsung’s got up its sleeve, though, as some new renders have hit the net and appear to show off the Galaxy S6 in all it’s glory.

We’ve probably got somewhere between a few days and a few weeks before Samsung shows off the next edition of its Galaxy S line of smartphones, the Galaxy S6. If the Galaxy S6 doesn’t rear its head at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – a solid possibility – then it’s likely that we’ll get our first look at Mobile World Congress some weeks later. Of course, Samsung has already nailed down the look and design of the phone, which will probably see release before the end of 2015’s first quarter.

Since the design is already likely nailed down, it’s not too surprising that glimpses of the Galaxy S6 might have started to leak out already. One such came earlier this month with an apparent prototype of the device appearing on the internet. Now, Iranian publication Toranji [h/t: Droid-Life] has published a few blurry shots that look like they could well be the newly redesigned Galaxy S6.

The new shots look largely similar to the purported Galaxy S6 prototype that we saw a few weeks back, but there are definitely some differences. If these are Galaxy S6 images, though, it looks like the next Galaxy S device will mark yet another shift from its predecessors. Since the original Galaxy S, Samsung has been gradually evolving its flagship smartphone line, and it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will mark the company’s transition to a full aluminum unibody design. The devices on display in the blurry pics from Toranji appear to show a unibody device with a thinner side bezel than previous Galaxy S devices, though that’s a bit hard to tell from what are almost certainly press renders.

samsung galaxy s6
Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might mark a significant departure from previous devices.

It looks like Samsung will continue its design tradition of keeping a physical home button on the front of the device, and the Galaxy S6 may well have the same sort of capacitive Menu and Back buttons that previous devices have had. It does look, though, like Samsung will finally ditch the soft plastic back that it has had on previous Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, going instead with a full aluminum unibody construction.

galaxy s6 samsung
The Galaxy S6 will likely adopt a metal unibody build, instead of the plastic that has typified previous Galaxy S devices.

There’s still not too much known about the insides of the Galaxy S6. It’s expected that Samsung will pack the next installment of its flagship phone with top-shelf components, though no one knows quite yet just how high-end the Galaxy S6 will be. Current speculation holds that Samsung might put a 5.2- or 5.5-inch QHD Super AMOLED display into the Galaxy S6, along with a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, 16-megapixel camera, and Android 5.0.

[Lead image via LoadTheGame.]

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