CM Punk ‘Not Trying To Follow In Brock Lesnar’s Steps,’ No Plans For Title Shot

Ultimate Fighting Championship newcomer and former WWE wrestler CM Punk has more to worry about than the inevitable Brock Lesnar comparisons.

He is coming to the world of mixed martial arts with no real background in the sport and a 0-0 record.

Yes, CM Punk a former WWE champion…but sports entertainment wrestling and mixed martial arts fights are worlds apart.

Simply put CM Punk has his work cut out for him.

It doesn’t help that his foray into MMA fighting is perhaps even more insulting to the sensibilities of your average UFC fan than Brock Lesnar’s.

Lesnar (like it or not) won a heavyweight title fight over Randy Couture, the three-time champion.

Of course, no one in their right mind would ever expect CM Punk to compete at that level.

CM Punk himself admitted during a rather awkward UFC press conference that he has no intention of “trying to follow in [Brock’s] footsteps.”

“I’m a friend of Brock, and what he did is absolutely remarkable; I am in no way trying to follow in his footsteps. [I]’m not thinking about anything past right now training my ass off for that first fight. …Me and Brock Lesnar are two different people. He’s an animal – and I’m a smaller animal.”

CM Punk also stated that he wasn’t “thinking about a title.”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently sounded off about CM Punk, and he didn’t sound altogether impressed with the former WWE champion.

“[CM Punk] going to fight a guy who’s 0-1? Is he going to fight a guy who’s 1-0? Why is that 1-0 guy in the UFC? Well, he’s only in the UFC because of CM Punk.”

Rogan did go on to add that if CM Punk were a friend of his, he would strongly advise him to spend at least a year honing his skills before accepting a fight.

“I’d say [to CM Punk], ‘How do you want to do this? Do you want to just climb Mount Everest once? Or do you want to be the best that you can be? If you want to be the best that you can be you need to take a legitimate year plus and work on skills only. Only skills, no fighting. No fighting in the UFC! What are you? Crazy?”

CM Punk, who is already 36-years-old, probably does not see himself as having enough time to truly develop the skills necessary for a serious long-term career.

And even if he does intend to stick around in the UFC for several fights, there’s a chance he’ll have to make way for Brock Lesnar after all.

On the heels of the CM Punk announcement came rumors that Lesnar might soon be making a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

About that inevitable comparison: Do you think CM Punk will fare better than Brock Lesnar in terms of popularity? How about in terms of success?

[Image Credit: UFC Official YouTube]

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