Johnny Manziel Denies Throwing Party Resulting In Josh Gordon Suspension

Johnny Football has some explaining to do. After it was reported this weekend that Manziel threw a party Friday night that ultimately led to the suspension of teammate Josh Gordon, Johnny called these claims “100 percent false.”

Manziel did admit however to “letting his guard down” by staying out with friends too late Friday night, as reported by USA Today. The result of his actions caused him to be late to a treatment Saturday. The Browns have since fined their quarterback for his actions and many in the organization are now wondering whether or not Johnny Football is the guy for their team next year.

The hard-partier says he is the first to recognize a change has to happen in how he behaves.

“You can sit here and say and talk and say this all you want, but when your actions don’t reflect that, and you make a conscious decision to put yourself in the position that you stay out too late and not wake up the next morning, that’s going to cause a lot of trouble, so I did that to myself. I brought this on myself.”

Manziel also feels responsible for media hype surrounding the team and apologized to his locker room. “I don’t think it’s fair to anybody in this locker room the distractions I’ve brought at points in time,” he said. “So I’m sorry to these guys that are veterans in this locker room and know what it takes, that I’m having to learn the hard way.”

But not everyone is convinced that Johnny Manziel can change his ways. Even Skip Bayless, from ESPN’s First Take is off the Johnny Manziel bandwagon as reported by NESN. Skip said on Monday’s show that he thinks the polarizing Cleveland Browns quarterback has an alcohol problem.

“It is time for me to come down harder on a concern that I repeatedly voiced on this show before Johnny was drafted,” Skip began in his rant. “My concern, I repeatedly said, was if Johnny continues to demonstrate that he has a problem with alcohol, and a problem with alcohol leading to partying and all that that entails, then I’m going to be out.”

Bayless continued.

“I’m going to be off the bandwagon. I will no longer support a kid that I do like personally, and I have come to that point. In talking to people in and around the Cleveland Browns, I believe Johnny Manziel continues to have a problem with alcohol. And I believe…that it is time for Johnny to get some help. He continues to lie to his executives, to his coaches, to his teammates, to the media, and most of all, he continues to lie to himself.”

What do you think? Does Johnny Manziel have a problem with alcohol and partying? Do you see him as the Browns franchise QB?

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