Tamra Barney’s Ex Claims The ‘RHOC’ Star Acted “Inappropriate” During Custody Battle

Tamra Barney’s ex-husband, Simon, has just filed court documents, claiming the Real Housewives of Orange County star has acted inappropriately, causing their 16-year-old daughter, Sidney, to “suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

In the documents, obtained by Radar Online on December 30, Simon also requested he be granted full custody of the child, citing “extreme circumstances” caused by Sidney’s strained relationship with Tamra.

“I am in favor of a mother and daughter having a healthy relationship,” Simon wrote. “However, I do not want to jeopardize our daughter Sidney’s health and welfare at this time by forcing her to live with [Tamra] when they do not have a healthy relationship. Forcing Sidney to live with her mother at this time against her will may make matters worse and potentially make their relationship even more strained.”

Following Simon and Tamra Barney’s divorce, Sidney began living with her father and has remained in his care since October 6, 2013.

“She felt extreme anxiety at her mother’s home and because of [Tamra’s] inappropriate behavior,” Simon alleged.

At one point, Simon claimed Tamra admitted to “telling Sidney that she is no longer allowed” in her home because of her closeness to Simon. As a result, he claimed, doctors diagnosed Sidney’s “stomach cramping” as anxiety-related.

Simon also said Tamra Barney’s behavior has “caused [Sidney] to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.”

“Sidney was facing difficulties in public and school because of Respondent’s public portrayal on the RHOC television show, which ultimately led to ridicule by Sidney’s friends and parents at school. This is why I have fought to fight [sic] for custody our daughter.”

In addition to his attempt at full custody, Simon alleged their court-ordered therapist sided with Tamra and claimed Sidney felt the same way.

“Sidney did not feel the doctor was listening to her,” he said.

Although a new therapist has since been assigned to the case, “the current therapy has not shown any signs of progress,” Simon stated. “It will take more time and much more progress before any kind of amends are made between the two.”

Simon requested $17,500 in his court documents, claiming Tamra makes more than $600,000 per year.

In October, Simon was denied more custody of his and Tamra’s three children. As the Inquisitr reported shortly after, Tamra was “extremely happy” with the outcome

“I’m extremely happy!” Barney told Star Magazine after her hearing. “I’m so happy this nightmare is over for my children’s sake. What Simon did to tarnish my image was so damaging to the children. To make up horrible stories about the mother of his children is horrible. I’ve never been anything but a wonderful, hands-on mother to our children. Shame on him for putting everyone through such an emotionally draining experience. I hope that this will stop his constant harassing and make him move on with his life.”

Tamra Barney and her ex are due back in court in March.

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