Kid Goes On Rampage At Dollar Store, Destroys Everything And Attacks Customers With No Parents In Sight

A young boy destroyed a Dollar Store by going aisle to aisle tossing items on the floor and attacking customers, and the disturbing incident was all caught on video.

The rampage was captured by a shopper, showing the boy who appeared to be eight or nine running wild in the Dollar Store. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube Monday, started with the boy already in mid-rampage, with countless items on the floor.

The video then showed the boy wandering from aisle to aisle, knocking items to the floor and throwing others. When the camera person got too close, the young boy threatened to hit the man with an umbrella but he changed his mind when the cameraman warned that it would “end his life.”

The boy then moved on, destroying more items and even going to the store’s back storage room, where he knocked down more boxes before being chased back into the store.

Finally, after several minutes the destruction ended when the boy tried to attack another Dollar Store customer before one man, who stood watching the incident unfold, snatched the boy by his collar and dragged him out of the store.

The video of the boy destroying the Dollar Store went viral shortly after hitting YouTube. It was one of the top voted posts on Reddit, where commenters lamented about the situation and how the customers and employees seemed helpless.

But others felt pity for the boy who destroyed the Dollar Store, saying that it is clear his parents don’t seem to care for him. Others speculated that he must have serious emotional issues.

“That kid’s behavior is a call for help,” one wrote. “If I worked there, or if I was a cop, i’d pick him up, and have him sit in on my lap in a kind of friendly forced hug and I’d say “i won’t let you go until you promise to tell me what’s wrong. I know something is up, but I need you to tell me.” (If you are a cop, then you probably don’t need to hold him, talk is enough.)”

Another added: “Yeah, I’m imagining incredible abuse at home. This isn’t a kid who has parents who tuck him in and read to him every night.”

The full video of the kid destroying the Dollar Store can be seen here, but be warned there is some adult language.

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