The US isn’t all that hot for social networking but the women do it more than men

Who would have thought. I mean if you hang around any of the hot social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+ you’d think that they are being used by nothing but U.S. males with nothing better to do in their lives than .. well … be social.

It turns out that this might not be the case if a recent report released by comScore is any indication. The fact is that by their numbers are any indication the U.S. usage of social networks is nowhere near what we might think; not even ion the top ten of the countries that were scored. What is even funnier for me is that Canada, my home country, ranks higher than the U.S.

In fact is you want to know who the biggest user of social networks are you’d have to look to the tiny country of Israel as it seems that they are the world’s biggest social networking addicts by a very large margin.

When ranked by the number of hours spent succumbing to the lure of social networking by region, Latin America is at the top of the pile, followed by Europe, North America, with Asia Pacific coming in at the bottom.

As for the gender angle – it seems that women in every region use social networks a lot more than the men with the Asia Pacific region showing the smallest difference.

So the next time someone rags on you for spending too much time on Twitter or Facebook just tell them you are trying to do your bit for national pride and to leave you alone.

via Geekosystem

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