Nicki Minaj Rare Video: Footage Surfaces Showing How Her Body Looked Before Fame, She’s Reportedly Furious [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s stunning “assets” have never gone unnoticed. Her flawless skin, impeccable curves, and round derrière have often turned heads and made boys drool. As a matter of fact, Nicki has garnered quite reputation for her infamous “Anaconda.” But, apparently, Nicki hasn’t always had the jaw-dropping shape she’s now known for. Although Nicki recently made her big-screen acting debut in The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz, a surprising video has revealed that she’s been acting for quite some time.

According to MTV News, a rare high school acting video of the “Only” rapper was recently released. Several media outlets have reported that the footage was originally uploaded to Birdman’s The 44-second clip shows a young Onika Maraj with cornrows and a much leaner figure. It’s quite evident that the girl in the video is much different from the superstar rapper known to the world as Nicki Minaj.

The video showcases Nicki’s impressive acting skills during her time at LaGuardia High School. The intense scene is quite commendable, considering its obvious she was quite young in the video. Although the video is simply a reminder that Nicki is normal like everyone else, it’s been reported that the Pinkprint rapper isn’t too happy about the footage.

As a matter of fact, she’s reportedly furious because the video reveals how her body actually looked before cosmetic enhancements, reports Rolling Out. She was reportedly so angry that she even took the time to un-follow every fan who retweeted the video when it surfaced on Twitter. However, the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied.

But, of course, fans have had a lot to say about the distinct difference in her figure. For the past couple years, Nicki has been criticized about her nearly-perfect figure and whether it’s all real. So, the video has raised speculation yet again. While many viewers argue that the video confirms the speculation about Nicki Minaj having cosmetic surgery and a fake “Anaconda,” some fans still aren’t buying into the hype.

Here are some of the comments.

“Nicki Minaj was pretty the whole time! This proves that she has not had any surgery done since she looks exactly the same as she does in this video. Being 17, Onika was skinny since it was all the way back in high school where Physical Education is required. Of course she has picked up weight, its been 15 years since this video! Plus she admitted to not exercising. Basically she has not worked out since P.E in Highschool! Her butt does not have to be fake since the majority of blacks can gain weight in the glute and hip area while maintaining a flat stomach and small waists. I’m sure her “anaconda buns” is 100% natural!”

“I’ve been following Nicki since 2007, she had a flat a– then. Nicki had her a– and breasts done…not sure why people can’t accept that. As I stated earlier, I’m 22 now and I’ve had a fat a– since I was 13 so this is ridiculous. That’s why she unfollowed her fans for retweeting this video…”

“Nicki is unfollowing all of her fans that are retweeting this video because she knows her body is fake. I’ve been a fan of hers before she became popular, I’m talking 2007 Nicki…she was not built this way back in ’07. However she’s always been gorgeous so she shouldn’t treat us like that just for retweeting a video.”

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s “assets” are real? Share your thoughts.

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