‘GTA V’ Heist DLC Details Leaked: Codes Reveal New Weapons, New Vehicles, And Hydra Jets

GTA V, the latest installment of the famous Rockstar Games series, has yet to uncover the veil of mystery surrounding the game and an exact release date for GTA V online heists. However, certain hackers have managed to show us some new vehicles, armors, and weapons, which are believed to be part of the content.

NillxModz, Credible user of Se7ensins forums, revealed last week that the release date of GTA V Heist DLC and Holiday DLC Update. Today, NillxModz has revealed what new features GTA V will contain. He claims that details were leaked via the source code 1.20 for the game. There are pretty nice surprises in stored for GTA V lovers in new DLC, so please take a look at the revealed source codes for the GTA V online Heist DLC.

“MP_HEIST_LESTER_TARGET_VCLS_FEATURE.” probably the feature for finding armored cars





“MPHEIST_JEFF.” [0xBBCB4AAC ] new contact!


“MP_HEIST_BONUS_DLC_CONTENT_BZGAS_XM25Grenade_Launcher,”New weapon!

“MPHEIST_MASK.” New Masks!


“MP_Buy_PEGASUS_UNLOCK_TMJ_1.500.000$” Hydra is available to buy after The military heist?

“PILOT_SCHOOL_VEHICLE_HYDRA” This was added in the 1.19 update!


Heists code “MP_HEIST_DLC_CONTENT_VEHICLES” is believed to be hiding the much-anticipated two new cars or two new helicopters for GTA V. It could also include military-armored vehicles, according to Latin Times. Also, the Hydra Fighter will probably become a favorite of GTA V gamers, considering that jumping into the cockpit of this great jet will make accomplishing successful heists much easier.

As for animals, these codes could refer to the police horses or the inclusion of K-9 dogs, while the grenade launcher, electro-magnetic pulse bomb, and the thermal bomb are included to enhance the gaming experience for GTA V lovers. Firepower brought by the grenade launcher and the thermal bomb will certainly make missions more exciting, but use of electro-magnetic pulse bomb will make bank robbery heist far easier. According to Latin Times, the bomb will be able to disable the security cameras, digitally armed safes, and the communications inside the bank.

Rockstar games said that Online Heists DLC for GTA V will make their appearance in early 2015. Developers have shared the first trailer for the GTA V content, which looks pretty great. All we can do now is to wait and see what exactly the new release will bring us.

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