‘Halo 5’ Pre-Order Includes $250 Limited Edition, Contents Largely Unknown

The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta launches today for the Xbox One. Microsoft is using this as an opportunity to begin promoting three different pre-order options for the sci-fi shooter. However, one of those options is a $250 limited edition, the contents of which are largely undefined.

The announcement comes via the Xbox Wire, and reveals the standard edition of Halo 5: Guardians will cost the expected $59.99 and come with a free exclusive poster for those who pre-order. In particular, Best Buy is offering a poster immediately for those who pre-order the game in-store. On December 29 and January 3, the store offers gamers a chance to play the beta from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time for those that do not have access.

The question marks begin with the Limited Edition of Halo 5. Microsoft states that this option is $99.99, and includes “everything in the Standard Edition plus new digital content to enhance Spartan combat and exclusive items wrapped in uniquely designed steel book.”

What enhances Spartan combat in Halo 5? What are these exclusive items? What does the steel book look like? Developer 343 Industries and Microsoft are not ready to show.

This continues with the Limited Collector’s Edition at a wallet-busting price of $249.99. It contains “everything in the Limited Edition as well as additional content such as a commemorative numbered statue designed by 343 Industries. More details on the design to be shared at a later date.”

What additional content? What does the Halo 5 statue look like? Master Chief and Agent Locke? Again, nothing to show yet.

Titanfall featured a $250 limited collector’s edition as well that came with a massive 18-inch tall statue that featured an Atlas Titan stomping across a battlefield. However, the contents of this pricey edition of the game were revealed at the time it was available for pre-order. The same can’t be said for Halo 5.

Titanfall Collector's Edition (Xbox One)
Will the Halo 5 Collector’s Edition be similar to Titanfall?

That brings up an interesting conundrum for those who enjoy collector’s editions of games. Do they pre-order Halo 5: Guardians on faith, hoping that 343 Industries delivers with an amazing package? 2014 has not been kind to the video game industry with a slate of buggy games that launched. This notably includes The Master Chief Collection, which has already shaken the faith of gamers who would normally jump at pre-ordering games.

The Xbox One and Halo sub-Reddits both feature threads debating over whether to pre-order Halo 5. The one thing that gives this game a leg up over others is that gamers will get the chance to try out the multiplayer beta over the next couple of weeks starting today. You can check out my impressions in this Inquisitr article.

What do you think of this pre-order announcement for Halo 5: Guardians? Should Microsoft have waited until they could provide more details? Will you be pre-ordering? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Halo Waypoint, Titanfall]

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