WWE News: WWE Legend Chris Jericho Not Working WrestleMania 31?

WWE is airing their final episode of Monday Night Raw tonight, and a couple of familiar faces are returning to the party. Edge and Christian are hosting tonight’s Raw from Washington D.C. in what will bring back much-needed ratings. Both men are WWE legends and entertained the audience on the microphone and in the ring for several years.

In the past few weeks, legends from WWE’s past returned to add a little spice to the program. Rowdy Roddy Piper came back to host the famous “Piper’s Pit” segment with Rusev and Lana. Needless to say, Piper brought out his A-game that evening.

Prior to that, Chris Jericho came back and had Rusev and Lana on the “Highlight Reel,” which was also very entertaining. The odd thing about Jericho is his time back with the WWE. Currently, he isn’t on tour with Fozzy, which leaves an opening in his schedule. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jericho might not be at WrestleMania 31, let alone another Raw or Smackdown.

“At last word, Chris Jericho‘s current deal with WWE calls for 15 live events and no television appearances during January and February. After that, he is scheduled to go back on the road with Fozzy for a European tour from March 4th through March 19th.

“Jericho’s status for WrestleMania 31, which is on March 29th, is said to be up in the air, however it’s looking likely that he will not be appearing on the show. Having said that, there are those who feel if Vince McMahon wants him bad enough, he could appear.”

Jericho adds a much-needed piece to WWE programming. Without Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the only true veterans on WWE television are John Cena and Randy Orton. However, both are babyfaces and Orton recently returned from time off a few days ago. The company is lacks a top heel.

Even though the Authority became stale near the end of its tenure, they added a level to WWE TV that isn’t there right now. The biggest heel the WWE has on television is Seth Rollins, and he’s only been a singles’ heel since the Summer. If Jericho were to come back as a monster heel, ratings would skyrocket.

Perhaps, this is what the WWE intended all along as soon as the Authority got booted off television. WWE officials might be trying to find out who can survive without the part-time guys carrying the load. The Rock is gone. Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t around. Jericho will not be back on TV. HHH is off TV at the moment. Everyone on the roster is full-time, and the WWE is attempting to develop new talents without the helps of legends.

What does everyone think of this silent initiative? WWE’s plan of building the future is succeeding at NXT, but the fear of the WWE Universe lies with that promotion to the main roster. They will find out tonight as the Ascension debuts. Adrian Neville is next in line.

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