Farrah Abraham’s Heartache: ‘Teen Mom’ Remembers Passing Of Sophia’s Father

While Farrah Abraham may have a great life these days, she still has a lot of heartache that strikes at the end of December every year.

If you didn’t follow Farrah’s story on the hit MTV show Teen Mom, then you may not be aware as to why December 28 is significant to the former reality show star. It was on this day back in 2008 that the father of her daughter passed away. The tragic car accident which claimed his life happened while Farrah was pregnant with their daughter, Sophia, so he sadly never had the chance to meet his daughter.

Farrah took to Facebook to talk about the passing in an open letter to her late boyfriend, where she revealed that their daughter, 5-year-old Sophia, is beginning to ask questions about her father. Farrah Abraham has taken Sophia to visit his grave in the past, and there is no doubt she continues to tell her about her father. Of course, the former reality show star is doing her best to handle the questions asked by her daughter.

According to Starcasm, the long letter not only detailed the questions, but also Farrah’s feelings and emotions.

“When she sees a photo of her dad and I & of only her dad she sees how much you too are alike and loves her daddy so much, I tell her how you would answer things, how you would laugh, and a lot of the similarities you and Sophia have its amazing like her grandpa.

She of course wishes her daddy was going on trips, taking her to school, was there for birthdays, was at home tucking her in,

Sometimes it’s hard to balance our future, with our past, are great loves, losses, and those we have never met & I’m blessed to have had everyone in my life.

There’s love all around the best Daddy Derek looks from up above down, watching over and protecting just like God to Sophia when one parent is not enough and I couldn’t be more thankful for.

I’m truly blessed, thankful, more and more everyday, our futures are bright and filled with the support and love God intended.

Always with Peace”

She also took to Twitter to reveal that Sophia wants to know more about her daddy.

Farrah Abraham also used the opportunity to share photos of her and Derek together, showing them as teenagers and very happy. It is easy to see how much little Sophia looks like her father, and it is great that Farrah is keeping his memory alive for her daughter.

[Image: via Facebook]

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