Robert Reynolds, The Mavericks Founding Member, Fired From Band Amidst Opiate Addiction

Robert Reynolds, founding bassist and vocalist for the alt-country rock band The Mavericks, has been fired from the band due to ongoing opiate addiction, just as the band was to embark on tour in support their first new studio album, according to Angela Stefano of The Boot.

Just last month, the band announced the “Mono Mundo Tour,” but cited reasons for Reynolds exclusion from the tour as being his “taking time to attend to personal matters.”

Reynolds wife Angela Crabtree Reynolds is in the midst of a battle with cancer, which many fans assumed was the reason for Reynolds absence. Mavericks drummer Paul Deakin told Rolling Stone Country’s Joseph Hudak that Reynolds showed signs of trouble even before the band stepped back into the studio to record, and after confronting Reynolds about his addiction and Reynolds subsequent denial, a line was drawn. After three attempts to see Reynolds through rehab, the band was forced to move forward without him.

‘This is not something that happened overnight. We would have countless meetings on it. I remember one of the first times when we talked, shortly after the band reunited, Raul and I went out with him in London, Ontario, Canada, and sat him down and said, ‘You need to do something.’ That’s when he went to outpatient rehab. In October, that’s when we realized that Addict Robert does not give a f**k about what’s going on here.”

The band cited Reynolds soliciting members of their loyal fan base for money as one of their final straws in the decision to fire Reynolds. The band ultimately chose to publicly disclose Reynolds’ situation in hopes of protecting their fans, and also as a last ditch effort to help both Reynolds and his ailing wife, according to Malo.

“It’s like, man, what if he hits somebody up for five grand, and then they go, ‘Why didn’t you guys tell us anything?’ and now we put this fan in harm’s way, and they’re out five grand because we didn’t have the balls to say anything about it.”

The band promoted Reynolds brother Michael, formerly the band’s merchandise manager, to full tour manager, and insisted that the door is always open to rejoin the band once Reynolds has gotten clean and commits to a rehab program. They say that though Reynolds is not taking their calls at the moment, they will fly him from anywhere and pay for his rehabilitation. The absence of Reynolds will be difficult for the rest of the band members, who will be wishing that Reynolds was able to participate.

“I feel a little angry and upset because, man, he should be here enjoying this with us. We are having such a ball and are excited about this next chapter we’re doing, but Robert and his addiction are keeping him away.”

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