Ken Whisenhunt Gets Vote Of Confidence Despite Horrible Season

Ken Whisenhunt may have just finished an awful 2014 season with the Tennessee Titans, but it appears the head coach is going to get to give it another try. Days before Ken Whisenhunt’s team finished a dismal 2-14 thanks to a 27-10 loss on the season’s final Sunday, the team owner made it clear he was sticking with his coach and general manager. After the loss to the Indianapolis Colts, owner Tommy Smith wasn’t in the locker room to publicly comment about Ken Whisenhunt but ESPN reports the owner was reached later and hadn’t changed his mind.

Despite the awful overall record, there are obvious reasons why no one should have expected a much different result for Ken Whisenhunt. In his first season on the job, the Titans’ coach saw one quarterback after another go down to injury. That isn’t a recipe for success in an NFL that is increasingly relying on good quarterback play in order to rack up victories.

Ken Whisenhunt’s season got off to a rather impressive start, with a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems unlikely that anyone knew that would be one of the only wins Whisenhunt’s team would get. Ken certainly likely thought the team was going to perform near to that level as the season moved along. That upset win was likely also the reason the Chiefs are going to be sitting home this postseason.

Instead, Ken Whisenhunt watched his team look exactly like a 2-14 squad for the remainder of the season. Taking a quick look at the team’s schedule, there just wasn’t a lot to be really excited about. This was a team that struggled to put points on the board and it struggled to keep opponents from putting their own up. Despite this fact, Ken Whisenhunt will get to give it a go in 2015 and that has to do with the fact that not many thought this team was going to be all that good.

When he took over the team, there was talk about the job the new coach would have to do in order to find success this season. His general manager, who is also going to be sticking around, didn’t exactly give him a ton of weapons to work with. The fact of the matter is those excuses will keep them in their jobs this offseason, but it stands to reason Ken Whisenhunt is going to be on a bit of a short leash moving forward.

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