Computer Geek Uses Smartphone To Catch Burglar From 6 Blocks Away

Levent Cetiner is a computer geek who proves that sometimes being a nerdy tech guy is for the best. Cetiner recent set up a motion-detecting camera in his apartment and had the photos taken from the camera transmitted to his Smartphone, when a burglary recently broke into his home the images were sent and the local police were called.

Levent then proceeded to leave his job and head home to catch the burglar in the act, after arriving at his apartment he banged on the door and yelled “You’re being recorded, and the police are on the way.”

The burglar attempted to escape by going down the fire escape outside of Cetiners apartment but he was quickly apprehended in the courtyard by police.

According to the New York Post the computer geek would have tried to apprehend the criminal himself but as he told the publication:

“I couldn’t get in because he locked the deadbolt from the inside.”

Apparently the police arrived just in the nick of time:

“He had packed up my own backpack with the stuff he was stealing!” Cetiner said. “He even took the [computer] chargers! Those are the two most important things I have. I play piano and have been recording on my laptop. If I lose it, I can’t get that stuff back.”

Perhaps the criminal should have stolen the wireless camera, then again the damage was already done and his personal image had already been sent for identification purposes to the apartment owners Smartphone.

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