How Does The Duggar Family Do Christmas? Spreading Christmas Cheer Across The Globe [Video]

The Duggar family is known for its conservative Christian values. Therefore, many wonder how the Duggars spend Christmas. The Duggars created a video to showcase exactly what goes on during a traditional Duggar family Christmas celebration.

The Duggars have a lot of children, so the holidays can be hectic. In fact, there is so much going on in the Duggar household during Christmas that they have individuals designated to the Duggar Family “mailroom.” Jana Duggar was working the mailroom during the video, and Josh points out that many of the siblings order gifts online so they would be processed through the mailroom to the appropriate individual. However, the more important happening is the sending of Christmas gifts and cards around the globe.

Josh Duggar, who narrates the whole video, then moves into the dining area of the home and points to the sign on the table that says “blessings.” The Duggar family feels that they should count their blessings and give back to others in celebration of the Christmas season. To do this, the family creates and sends out gift baskets. Jinger and Joy were in charge of the gift baskets for the Duggar family’s neighbors. The baskets included things like fruit, candy, and a Bible.

The Duggar family has their annual “buffet-style” dinner together as a family. Fortunately for the girls, the Duggar guys are in charge of dishes for the large meal.

One Christmas staple that you won’t see at the Duggar house is a Christmas tree. The family tries to simplify and focus on “the true meaning of Christmas,” which is Jesus’ birthday. So instead of a tree, you will see “Happy Birthday Jesus” banners gracing the home instead of a traditional Christmas tree. The “Happy Birthday Jesus” theme was also present on the Duggar family’s official Christmas card.

What do you think of the way the Duggar family celebrates Christmas? Is there anything that surprises you?

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