YouTube Video Of GoPro Camera On Dog Goes Viral [Video]

It’s a simple YouTube video titled “What my dog does when I leave,” uploaded by “Mike The Intern,” published on December 20, and it has gone completely viral in the eight days since it was uploaded. As of this writing, the YouTube video has received 1,430,219 views, with more than 2,000 thumbs up positive reviews.

The description of the YouTube video tells viewers everything they need to know when watching the above video, which shows a man leaving his home with a GoPro camera strapped to his dog’s neck – and captures the video and audio of the dog crying and going from window to window to look for his owner. At one point during the YouTube video, the dog’s vantage point from the GoPro shows what appears like the dog jumping on the owner’s bed and howling at the ceiling with sadness and longing.

“So, my buddy got a GoPro. We decided to put it on my dog to see what he does when we leave. This is an edited version of what followed. Shot by Aaron. Edit by Mike.”

Unlike the dog caught raiding the fridge earlier this year, when the yellow Lab named Allie’s shenanigans were recorded on a GoPro – as reported by Fox – this new dog caught on video didn’t search for food. That 12-year-old Labrador was hooked up with a GoPro because her owners were wondering how she kept getting into the freezer and refrigerator. That’s a YouTube video that has grown to 2.3 million views or more since December 1.

This new YouTube video of a dog wearing a GoPro camera has also attracted the attention of Fox, which reports about the attention the edited video has received on YouTube, so much so, that the video is currently appearing in a prominent position on YouTube Trends dashboard. The most-viewed section of the YouTube Trends dashboard reports on the top 10 most-viewed videos in the last 24 hours that were uploaded in the past 28 days.

As reported by the Inquisitr, this isn’t the first dog strapped with a GoPro camera that has gone viral on YouTube. A YouTube video titled “World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog” showed a dog base jumping – uploaded to Dean Potter’s YouTube account. That controversial YouTube video has gotten 1.6 million or more views on YouTube since May 27, the day it was uploaded.

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