Angelina Jolie Says The Thought Of A Biopic About Her Life Is ‘Terrifying’

Angelina Jolie has both starred in and directed numerous biographical films, but when it comes to a biographical flick being based on her own life, the Oscar-winning actress is adamant that this is not an enticing proposition.

When recently asked about her stance on being the subject of a biopic during an appearance in London, the New York Daily News reported Jolie’s response. It was one that seems somewhat alarming, and as if she had been asked to sell her soul as opposed to being considered as someone whose accomplishments are noteworthy enough to be honored through film.

“Oh God, nobody has ever asked me that question… That is a horrible thought. I would hate to know how people interpret my life. That is terrifying. To reflect on your life — I would rather live through a photo book with my kids.”

For now, the silver screen superstar, United Nations ambassador, mother of six, breast cancer awareness advocate and, of course, notable and respected director has enough on the go, and is satisfied with her role as the creative visionary focused on relaying the stories of others accurately.

Angelina has experienced a successful opening week at the box office with her second film that saw her seated in the director’s chair. Unbroken has been met with favorable reviews as an inspiring tale of survival since opening on Christmas Day.

Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson was quick to give the second directorial effort by Jolie two thumbs up, or calling it “respectfully” and “carefully” made, to be more exact.

Earlier in 2014, Vanity Fair recognized Angelina not only for her talents as an actor and director, but overall for her humanitarian acts as well — naming Jolie “Woman of the Year.”

“She’s a newlywed mother of six,superstar with little trace of the diva, a woman who bears witness to the terrible things people do even as she continues to celebrate the human spirit… Whether advocating for refugees or directing the forthcoming World War II survival epic, ‘Unbroken.”

It is clear why there has been a buzz and hints at hopes to honor the 39-year-old Jolie with a biopic focusing in on all of the incredible feats she has managed to achieve at such a young age. Yet it is also understandable why the stunning star is unmoved by the possibility. And for now it appears that the statuesque beauty is happy raking in the award nominations “for best picture, director, adapted screenplay and cinematography from the Critics’ Choice Awards.” Having Brad Pitt by her side through it all is a bit of an added bonus, I’d say.

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