Watch As A Pacers Fan Creepily Sniffs Lavoy Allen’s Jersey [Video]

One Pacers fan had an up close and personal encounter with Lavoy Allen. The fan was caught on camera sniffing the unknowing NBA player’s jersey. The reaction of the fan after the sniff was described as a little “creepy.”

The video uploaded by ZprophetMMA is just four seconds long. However, that hasn’t stopped it from going viral. In just two days, the video has received almost 200,000 views. What could four seconds hold that has drawn such a crowd of viewers? If the jersey sniff wasn’t enough, the fan’s reaction to the jersey sniff is definitely unusual. The man can be seen sitting in the stands directly behind Lavoy Allen. He leans forward and his nose comes very close to Allen’s jersey. The fan takes a big whiff and then his eyes get wide with surprise. He appears to say, “Yes!” after making the big sniff.

The part of the video that caught the most attention seems to be the man’s “crazy eyes” right after the big sniff.

Pacers fan sniffs Lavoy Allen
Here are the “creepy eyes” that everyone is talking about.

Take a look at the Pacers fan’s reaction. What do you think of the crazed fan’s reaction to the obviously sweet smell of Lavoy Allen and his jersey?

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