Celebrities And Other Big Names Lost In 2014

The year is almost over, and it was one filled with many tragic and shocking losses in the world of celebrities and big names. Some had gotten up there in age or were battling illnesses that people knew would take them soon. As for some of the celebrities lost in 2014 though — Robin Williams, Juanita Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Diem Brown — their deaths were totally unexpected, and no one could have prepared for it.

One of the most shocking losses of 2014 had to be that of legendary actor Robin Williams, who was found dead in August at the age of 63. His loss even led to a rare and personalized tweet from President Barack Obama.

Numerous other actors and actresses passed away in 2014, and they included Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mickey Rooney, Sid Caesar, Rik Mayall, and Joan Rivers. The death of Rivers is one that has come under much scrutiny and controversy, but still a tragic loss none the less. Her laugh, fashion style, and brash ways will be missed by so many, and that was obvious as many celebs hopped on Twitter to pay their respects.

Many have said that the 2014 losses of those such as Rivers, Hoffman, Williams, and Harold Ramis has left the world a bit less funny.

While many actors and actresses were lost in 2014, the world of music took a huge hit, as young and budding stars passed away while legends also died. The world came together and mourned the losses of such iconic musicians as Pete Seeger, Tommy Ramone, David Brockie, and Phil Everly.

One of the most recent may have been one of the hardest though. After a lengthy battle with cancer, Joe Cocker passed away at the age of 70 just three days before Christmas. With such great hits as “Up Where We Belong” and “You Are So Beautiful” to his credits, the music world grieved his loss.

With each year that goes by, there are lives that pass on. Some are not so unexpected, but others are incredibly shocking, and hit the world harder than they ever could have thought. 2014 was no different, and the celebrities and big names lost won’t make it easy to celebrate the new year in total happiness.

All that can be done is to remember the celebrities lost in 2014, and honor their memory by admiring their movies, their music, their talents, their accomplishments, and the inspiration they have brought to so many.

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