The White House heads to Twitter to battle the Republicans over tax extension

Every week it seems that the Republicans are butting heads with the Obama government over something and this past week has been no different as everyone involved is trying to get a payroll tax extension in place before the end of the year.

Not one to shy away from the use of social networks to try and sway public opinion the Obama White House has taken to Twitter to try and get average Americans to weigh in with their opinions over the battle being caused by the Republicans.

At the center of this go around is a two month extension which the White House has been trying to get passed so that they can at least make it into the new year and past the expensive holiday season before trying to hammer out a longer term agreement. It seems though that the Republicans are having none of it and want to work out a longer term deal now even if that means the payroll tax break disappearing and Americans finding more money disappearing from their paychecks.

So the White House is calling on Americans to head to Twitter and express their thoughts when it comes to having that extra $40.00 per paycheck that the payroll tax break brings them.

In a new tactic, the White House has called on middle class Americans to write in about how the payroll tax hike would affect them and published the responses on its website.

“Forty bucks a paycheck is HUGE for me. I am supporting my adult daughter and her four children,” wrote K.J., from Sacramento, California, one of 18,000 responses the White House says it has received since Tuesday.

“By not passing the extended payroll tax cut they are literally taking food from my grandkids’ mouths.”

via PhysOrg

You can read more reactions at the special page the White House has set up for the responses.

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