Tina Fey And Rachel Dratch Mock NPR [Video]

Even those of us who shamelessly adore NPR have had that moment when it seems like the opener for a piece has been over-written to a comically overstated degree. Whether it’s coffee beans or starfish, the dramatic lead-in to these pieces is prime comedy fodder for the likes of Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch. Luckily, before Tina’s career blew up the two did an on-stage spoof of NPR back in 1997.

This isn’t the first old tape of the duo to leak this year. Back in 1999, Fey and Rachel were just unknown comedians — right before going on SNL, Tina and Dratch put together a two-woman show at Chicago’s Second City theatre and New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, reported comedy website Split Sider. That show went live on YouTube just a few days ago, giving a glimpse into what Fey and Rachel had to offer before they even had time to fine-tune their shtick on SNL for nearly a decade. The show’s concept and humor is oh-so-2000s SNL, so much that you’ll feel like you’re watching a low-budget episode of the show during one its golden ages with Tina at the writer’s helm and Dratch as one of her main minions.

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