LeAnn Rimes Allegedly Worried About Eddie Cibrian Affair With Chelsea Kane [Rumor]

LeAnn Rimes might be getting a taste of what it’s like to be in Brandi Glanville’s wobbly stilettos — the country singer is afraid that history will repeat itself when husband Eddie Cibrian starts his new acting job.

Rimes fell in love with Cibrian back in 2009 while they were working on the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. LeAnn and Eddie were both married at the time, and their affair has continued to haunt them in the tabloids ever since.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, now OK! Magazine is claiming that LeAnn Rimes is facing a situation very similar to the one Brandi Glanville found herself in five years ago — her husband is playing the love interest of a hot blonde.

The blonde in question is Chelsea Kane, and Eddie Cibrian will be wooing her on the ABC Family series Baby Daddy. An insider told OK! that Rimes is worried because 26-year-old Kane is the same age she was when Cibrian fell for her.

“Chelsea is LeAnn’s worst nightmare. She’s young and hot and she’ll be kissing her husband. Eddie is hoping that LeAnn can rein it in, if he hits the mark he could become a regular. He doesn’t want LeAnn to ruin this opportunity for him.”

You can check out a photo of Rimes’ supposed romantic rival below.


Brandi Glanville certainly didn’t help matters when she recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville hinted that LeAnn Rimes might be so enamored with Eddie Cibrian because of his very special skills.

“He’s very well hung. He’s good at what he does, for sure. He’s had a lot of practice.”

Brandi obviously isn’t her ex-husband’s biggest fan, so why compliment him? Is the sly Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star actually trying to help Eddie score a new mistress?

There have been no reports that Chelsea Kane is interested in Eddie Cibrian in any way, and she might not fall for his charms even if he tries to put the moves on her. However, if something does happen, it wouldn’t be the first time Kane’s name would be linked to a cheating scandal. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, a few of Chelsea’s tweets seemed to indicate that she played a part in the 2012 breakup of Kat Von D and DeadMau5. However, other reports stated that the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and the DJ were just friends.

Keep in mind that this bit of gossip about the wandering eyes of LeAnn Rimes’ husband comes from the lips of an unnamed source, so it’s possible that it was just fabricated — a tabloid tale about Rimes fretting over Cibrian’s hot new costar is almost too obvious to be true. If their marriage can survive Eddie starring alongside the gorgeous women on The Playboy Club, it will probably survive Eddie’s role on Baby Daddy.

In case you’re curious about Cibrian’s multi-episode arc on Baby Daddy, Entertainment Weekly reports that he’s playing Ross, “a charming, chivalrous, genuinely good guy who has just been transferred to a prestigious New York office, where he will be the new managing partner.” He’ll meet Chelsea Kane’s character, Riley, at a bar, and things will heat up really fast.

Do you think LeAnn Rimes worries about Eddie Cibrian’s female costars?

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