‘Big Hero 6’ Song ‘Immortals’ Gets Fall Out Boy Video

When the band Fall Out Boy released their new song, “Immortals,” as part of the soundtrack for Big Hero 6, it came with a video that simply showed a white disc, almost like Baymax’s head, spinning in place. This week, fans were treated to a new video, showing both footage of the band and scenes from the animated film.

In the comments on the video, the band announced that a different version of the Big Hero 6 song will be released on their American Beauty/American Psycho album, which will be available on January 20. A lively discussion was already occurring in the comments section, as fans dissected how this version was different from the previously released soundtrack version, and how the upcoming version might continue to up the ante.

Big Hero 6 has spent the last few months charming kids and adults alike. For adults who are invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie was a delightful, lighthearted take on some of the same themes that are played out in superhero movies. For parents who were going to scream if they had to hear “Let It Go” one more time, it was a great chance to give kids something new to obsess about. For people who like to talk about feminism in kids movies, Big Hero 6 contained some of the strongest characterizations of women in science fiction that have ever existed, for kids or grown-ups.

Reaction to the video also seems to mostly positive.

Released on Christmas Eve, the Big Hero 6 version of the Fall Out Boy hit has seen more than 110,000 hits at this point, and been liked almost 5,000 times. Fans commenting on the Youtube thread all seemed to feel that the guitars were featured more heavily in this version. One fan suggested that this was similar to the version that the band played live on the Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. The fans also found time to rib singer Patrick Stump for messing up the lyrics during that performance.

Love the new version of the Big Hero 6 song? Wish the band had left it alone? Tell us in the comments.

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