‘SOLUS’: Sci-Fi Short Explores The Loneliness Of Deep Space In 2D

SOLUS, a new science fiction short by video production company Identity Visuals, explores both the adventure and loneliness of deep space, while giving a nod to the two dimensional ethos of classic arcade games, creating a powerful statement without the use of a single word.

Filmmaker Zac Dixon noted that SOLUS was inspired by “classic 2D side-scrollers,” like those that formed the basis for arcade games such as Asteroids, according to Grind TV. The minimalist film explores both the loneliness and adventure of space exploration, yet much of SOULS‘ emotional power comes from its orchestral score, which mimics the sounds heard in Interstellar.

In SOLUS, a lone rocket searches the universe for something, passing by an assortment of planets and countless stars in the process. The film turns on an economy of narrative, with the rocket that serves as SOLUS‘ main character rarely leaving the center of the screen. The evocative score helps to propel the story, which includes elements of discovery and self-sacrifice that are evident despite the lack of dialogue.

As AV Club notes, SOLUS bears a resemblance to other internet shorts, such as The Reward, Disney’s Feast and Paperman, or Pixar’s various contributions to the form. The number of films that have recently been released seems to suggest a resurgence of the animated short genre, with many filmmakers finding an audience for their work through the internet.

Over the summer, a short animated film related to Avengers: Age Of Ultron spread online. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the short was the result of several dedicated fans’ efforts, and depicted their interpretation of the “Hulkbuster” armor that is set to debut in the upcoming feature. The duo responsible, Anthony McGrath and Mark Cushley, had also previously released another short film, Iron Man Mk Z, which featured an impressively detailed avatar of Robert Downey, Jr.

Dixon has released a wealth of information online that pertains to the creation of SOLUS. His Identity Visuals website offers an in-depth assessment that details the visual and audio design process which brought SOLUS to life. A self-avowed sci-fi fan, Dixon notes that SOLUS was a personal, passion-driven project in which his goal was to create a “beautiful, expansive universe” in a short film.

[Image: Zac Dixon/ Identity Visuals via Shock Mansion]

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