World’s Fastest Home Internet Speeds Clocks In At $399 A Month

Remember when a 54 kbps Internet connection blew your hair back? Well, now the world’s fastest home internet speed is claimed to 10 gigabit-per-second. That’s 10 times faster than Google Fiber, a highly-publicized service currently offered.

The small internet service provider, U.S. Internet, has rolled out the high-speed option to residents and small business owners in the Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka.

The newly-offered service is nearly 30 times faster than the average internet connection speed in the United States, and faster than that available in South Korea, which is generally known as having the fastest average connection speed in the world.

What does 10 gbps look like? Such speeds mean that a full-length movie could potentially download in less than a second. Updates to your gaming consoles could be downloaded almost instantaneously, maintaining peace on Christmas morning as anxious gamers try out their new machines.

Joe Caldwell, Co-CEO of U.S. Internet, told the media, “The launch of our 10 GBPS Internet service will make Minneapolis the first city in the world to receive access to the Internet at speeds never before experienced in our country, or any other country for that matter, both in terms of 10 GBPS download and upload speeds.”

He added, “With our new fiber network, we have redefined what is considered broadband Internet and taken our speed capabilities to next-gen levels, resulting in the fastest Internet service the world has ever seen for home users. Now, Minneapolis residents will have more Internet bandwidth in their houses than some countries have serving their entire country.”

The service is supposed to be available immediately, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of the mind-boggling connection right away.

The service relies on fiber-optic cables, which have been installed in limited quantities in the area. Minneapolis is currently in the middle of winter, meaning that the ground is frozen and installation of a broader degree will have to wait until the spring or summer seasons, after the ground has thawed.

Not only that, but the price tag for such fast download and upload speeds is a bit hefty for the average user. After a $99 installation fee, customers of U.S. Internet will have to pay a whopping $399 a month to keep the service. Other service providers in the area offer 1 gigabit-per-second speeds, currently the highest available in the area, at $65 dollars a month, which may appeal to most customers.

Caldwell hopes that the speed itself will balance the price.

“This is like going from 30 to 10,000 miles per hour,” he said.

Having the “world’s fastest internet speed” could also offer satisfying bragging rights to the local gamer in his parent’s basement.

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