Emily Blunt For ‘Frozen 2’?

Emily Blunt hasn’t ruled out appearing in a potential sequel to the Disney musical mega-hit Frozen. However, it sounds as if she is wary about stepping on the toes on her good friend Kristen Bell.

During a chat with Cinema Blend to promote Into the Woods — which sees the always charming and charismatic English thespian star opposite Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Pine — Blunt was asked whether she would ever consider portraying a princess in one of Arendelle’s nearby kingdoms. And she was clearly rather enthused by the idea.

“Wouldn’t that be great? Who knows? She could be obsessed with flowers, or something…”

This came after she had at first insisted she wouldn’t want to steal the limelight away from her pal, Kristen Bell, who voiced Princess Elsa in the original animated hit.

“No, no! That [franchise] is for my friend Kristen Bell, who just crushed it, and I am so happy for her. So no. I don’t know. There’s just never going to be another Elsa and an Anna. There just can’t.”

Emily Blunt had a rather intimate relationship with Frozen, which is officially the highest grossing animated film of all time after it grossed $1.274 billion across the world.

During a discussion with E! News, via the Mirror, Emily Blunt revealed that her labour had been triggered after watching Frozen alongside her husband, John Krasinski.

Blunt, who gave birth to her daughter, Hazel, back in February, admitted that less than 24 hours after watching the hugely popular film, she literally had to “let it go.”

It’s just a matter of time before Disney actually order a sequel to Frozen. They are currently working on a variety of different ways to extend the film into a bonafide franchise by turning it into a Broadway musical, while they’ve also featured the film’s characters on the ABC show Once Upon a Time.

A follow-up to Frozen would be seen as the perfect way to build upon the original. And it also appears as if everyone involved in Frozen would be up for making a return.

In fact, back in November, Idina Menzel made several comments that alluded to Frozen 2’s development. However, she later clarified that she was just assuming that a second film would be greenlit because of how successful the original was.

During an interview with the Today show, she explained, “You know, I have no idea. I just assumed that because it’s so successful that’s what they’re up to!”

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