‘Final Fantasy XV’ Will Have Party Attacks As Well As Special Moves MP

Final Fantasy XV’s release is on the horizon, and as that day draws nearer, more details about the latest iteration of the Final Fantasy series are emerging. The latest little tidbit is that Final Fantasy XV players will be able to engage in something known as “party attacks.” This is basically a situation where players can team up and take down more powerful Final Fantasy 15 enemies.

Kotaku is reporting the latest Final Fantasy XV developments, and for the most part, we’ll have to take the site at its word. That is, unless you can read Japanese, considering the original announcement came in an interview about Final Fantasy 15 with the Japanese language website Famitsu. Speaking with that website, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata went into detail about how the party attacks work.

While the process is still something the game developers are working on, Tabata said that at its core, the system will be something where “players must time their button presses to pull off such attacks. In battle, players will be able to equip multiple weapons simultaneously; however, players will have a main weapon to fight with. This weapon will determine special attacks the player can perform.”

Speaking of special moves, Final Fantasy 15 players will also be seeing a brand new use for a long running tool of the game. While MP has almost always been tied to magical powers in the franchise, the newest iteration will have MP tied to special moves of all kinds. Apparently, this is also something that is still in the works, and the kinks haven’t been ironed out yet because there aren’t a lot of details yet. Tabata did say that MP would be used both for special attack moves as well as dodges.

Another feature of the newest game is a different take on something that has been a staple of the series. While summons will still be in the game, they will only be available to one particular character. Noctis is now the only character in the game that will be able to use these summons.

The game was first announced thanks to a trailer at Jump Festa. The obvious goal of the announcement is to whet people’s appetite for the title when it is officially released. For those who can’t wait for the full version, people will be able to get their hands on a demo when they purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it hits next year.

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