Maci Bookout: Is The ‘Teen Mom’ Star Pregnant?

Maci Bookout appeared on the original Teen Mom series, and ever since, she has been a fan favorite. Even when MTV canceled the hit show, there were rumors that Maci was up for her own spin-off, and many fans supported this premise. While the spin-off didn’t exactly happen (she did, however, have her own one-hour special titled Being Maci), she will be back with the other original cast members to continue her story on an all-new season of Teen Mom. Will she also have an all-new storyline complete with a sibling for Bentley as well?

Teen Mom Junkies reports that the well-known reality show star may actually be pregnant with her second child, possibly a girl. While this is all merely speculation at this point, they cite two sources who are reportedly from the same area as Maci Bookout, and have said that the reality show star is pregnant. One source says Maci is about four months pregnant, while another source reportedly saw her at an OBGYN clinic.

This isn’t the first time that Maci has been plagued with pregnancy rumors. In fact, back when she was with Kyle King, some fans speculated that the two would have a child together (they didn’t), and ever since Maci tweeted that she had baby fever last November, the rumors have been persistent. Not only that, but in September it was reported that she was expecting her boyfriend, Taylor, to propose soon, and that she “couldn’t wait” to grow her family with him.

Maci Bookout has not said anything about these rumors. In fact, the reality show star has remained relatively quiet on social networking for quite some time. While she used to post a lot of tweets and photos, she has cut down on her posting. Not only that, but the last full body photo she posted of herself was nearly three months ago, and there was no sign of a baby bump.

It is best to point out that Maci being pregnant, at this point, is nothing more than a rumor. There are plenty of explanations for her lack of posting tweets and statuses, too. With the new season of Teen Mom about to air, MTV may have advised the cast members to keep their private lives more quiet so that there is more anticipation for the new season. A lot of fans have expressed that they don’t always watch the show when they can just read things on Twitter, and that makes sense.

If Maci Bookout is pregnant, though, it will make for an interesting season of Teen Mom. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Catelynn Lowell is also pregnant and set to give birth early next month.

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