Android Smartphones Now Being Activated 700,000 Times Per Day

Google mobile VP Andy Rubin posted about the company’s Android successes on Tuesday where he revealed that the software giant is now moving 700,000 Android based Smartphones every single day. If that number is correct it’s a large improvement over November numbers when the company said they were activating 550,000 devices each day.

At this time Rubin has not revealed an activating growth rate and he did not reveal whether Google had moved beyond the 200 million units activated mark since Android’s October 2008 launch.

Rubin also pointed out that the 700,000 mark including only new devices and not resets and upgrades. He also revealed that those numbers also including only Smartphones and not Wi-Fi tablets and phones without service which would push the county even higher.

Apple hasn’t provided customers with their activation base in nearly one year however their user base is suspected of being closer to 250 million iOS users, although it should be noted that their growth rate has slowed considerably as iOS devices flood the market.

According to a new study by Millennial Media Apple may have grown in November at the expense of Android as iPhone 4s and iPad 2 sales continued to dominate the market place. In the past Apple and Android have appeared to poach users from Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS users however as those company’s continue to bleed out their user base the two company’s are not taking aim at each others users.

In the meantime as the US market shrinks Android appears to be winning the all important Asia race thanks to their willingness to place Google Android on lower end devices from the likes of Huawei and ZTE.

Do you think Google Android will secure it’s dominance over the worldwide market place in the future or will Apple phones continue to be the “it” devices for Smartphone users?

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