PS4 Vs Xbox One: Which Had The Worst Console Games In 2014?

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war is almost set for a winner this year, and there is almost no better way for console fanboys to determine who won than to take a look at the worst games for each console. Whichever console scores the most games on the list is this year’s definitive loser.

Everybody knows that games like Destiny and Grand Theft Auto 5 would certainly be among the top contenders for the game of the year, but this time we’re looking at the games that either nobody liked or were the biggest respective failures.

The actual scores used in this Xbox One vs PS4 battle were taken from Metacritic, so unofficial opinions have been eliminated.

According to Joystiq, two of the worst five console games were both on the PlayStation 4.

'Basement Crawl' is the PS4 exclusive worst game of 2014
Bomberman clone Basement Crawl is sadly the PS4 exclusive worst game of 2014

Basement Crawl was a PS4 exclusive that console owners didn’t want, managing to mangle the classic hit Bomberman with a Metacritic score of 27/100.

Duck Dynasty was on both consoles, and it took nearly everything you love about open world games and made it horrible. The character models were laughable, and the final boss was a beaver dam. It’s as exciting as it sounds, with one critic giving the Xbox One version a score of 30/100. The PS4 version doesn’t even have a critic score.

Of the two mentioned above, Basement Crawl scored the lowest, giving Microsoft a boost for the 2014 PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

Of the worst games of the year on Metacritic, the PlayStation 4 seems to have hosted some of the lowest scores in its exclusives.

SingStar: Ultimate Party scored a 44/100, due to its smartphone mic app being almost useless, and the fact that you have to buy the DLC to use older songs, even if they were in previous versions of the game.

That Trivia Game and Fluster Cluck tied at 37/100, with Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition ringing in at 30/100.

In this PS4 vs Xbox One console war, it appears that the Xbone may be the winner, having had its worst games this year being franchise titles.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t an exclusive, but it scored lower on the Xbox One (46/100) than it did on the PlayStation 4 (49/100).

'Duck Dynasty' worst franchise console game of 2014
Duck Dynasty is the worst franchise console game of 2014

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark was also on both consoles, but the scores were the opposite, with 47/100 on the Xbox One and 43/100 on the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 simply had more bad exclusives, one of which was the worst game this year. PS4 exclusive Basement Crawl held the lowest score for a console game this year, and hands the crown to the Xbox One.

Yes, Microsoft console owners, you won the 2014 PS4 vs Xbox One console war for having access to the best scoring bad games this year.

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