‘Peter Pan’ With Christopher Walken And Allison Williams Soars Into DVD: Clips And Reviews [Video]

Just in time for cocooning at home during winter storms, NBC has released Peter Pan Live in DVD format. The network previously created a similar version of Sound of Music Live, after it proved to be a ratings runaway. Debating whether to invest in either or both versions? Check out highlights, clips, and reviews, including tweets, below.

Featuring Allison Williams as the boy who didn’t want to grow up and Christopher Walken as the tap-dancing, crooning Captain Hook who feared crocodiles, the DVD version of Peter Pan Live also includes a documentary, reported Playbill. The documentary features an inside look at what went into making the special live broadcast.


Among the highlights of Peter Pan Live, Nana the dog stood out, said many reviewers, as the Inquisitr reported. A rescue dog, Nana was trained by William Berloni.

And the dog managed to keep pace with every actor, from turning down the bedspread to cuddling with the Darling boys.

The reviewer from CBS News termed Nana the dog to rank as the outstanding performer from the show.

“Hands down, the dog is the breakout star from the beginning of the production. Not only did Nana not miss a cue (unlike some of the human performers) but she’s also just super adorable.”

However, others praised Christopher Walken for his hilarious portrayal of cruel Captain Hook. Actress Mia Farrow summed it up with her tweet in favor of Team Walken.

“Christopher Walken = gold No matter what”

In one of the classic songs, Walken and Williams performed a duel and duet, shown below.


And in contrast to Carrie Underwood in Sound of Music Live, Allison Williams didn’t have to compete with a beloved actress such as Julie Andrews, as the Inquisitr pointed out.

When viewers live-tweeted Sound of Music, it was more like the Sound of Hate. Even celebrities chimed in.

“Wow there’s so much fake fun happening!” – @SarahKSilverman

“HDTVmakes everything fake look fake takes away from the art of film and TV production#SoundofMusic #fakelightning #fakealps #fakemoonlight” – @CameronDiaz

But Carrie fought back, as shown below.

As for the highlights of Sound of Music Live? Some felt that the children, shown in the documentary about the making of the show, deserved credit for their singing power.


But many felt that it was Audra McDonald as the Mother Abbess who stole the show, reported the WCF Courier.

“It took five-time Tony winner Audra McDonald to do what two directors and a lifetime of concerts couldn’t – pull a heartfelt performance out of country singer Carrie Underwood.”

What do you think? Will you buy either or both? Share your comments below.

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