Rumor: Amazon apparently looked into buying RIM earlier in the year

Well this is one in from out in left field but according to Reuters and two trusted inside source at a Wall Street investment house Amazon was in some serious talks to buy beleaguered Research in Motion (RIM) earlier this year.

There was no formal offer made according to the sources but any talks of a buyout was turned away by RIM’s senior management believing that they would be able to turn around the companies recent misfortunes with it soon to be released offering as well as their already extensive product line and their foothold in the enterprise marketplace.

Apparently investment bankers sought Samsung and HTC as other potential buyers but the companies weren’t interested, citing existing relationships with Google and Microsoft. Some analysts have called for a sell-off of RIM’s existing patent portfolio, and have encouraged co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie to split the company into two halves, one focusing on consumer goods like its BlackBerry smartphone line and another catering more to B2B enterprise solutions.

via MobileSyrup

It doesn’t matter what RIM does these days as everything they are trying to do to bring the company back to its former glory isn’t working out for them as they continue to battle setbacks.

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