Blair Witch Project Actress Now Grows Pot For A Living

Heather Donahue isn’t a well known actress in Hollywood but her turn as the scared girl crying into a camera in the movie the Blair Witch Project is one of the easiest scenes to recall of the last 15 years and despite her early success she ditched Hollywood for something a bit different…marijuana.

According to after a year of trying to make it in the movie business Heather decided it wasn’t for her and instead she began growing medicinal marijuana after meeting a man from Nuggettown, an area best known as the medicinal weed-growing capital of northern California.

Donahue talks about her change in career in her upcoming memoir GrowGirl in which she says her life literally “went to pot.”

In her book she says “I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all.” Although she admits to keeping the iconic hat shot in her famous seen just in case she needed to eBay it for emergency funds.

According to the former actress she had always loved gardening and the move to marijuana cultivation seemed like a great fit even after a friend was busted by federal agents.

Are you surprised to learn that Heather Donahue’s life has literally went to pot?

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