WWE Suspends Kevin Nash, ‘Big Daddy Cool’ Says Things Are ‘Back To Normal’ After Fight With Son

WWE has suspended Kevin Nash from his Legends contract pending resolution of domestic battery charges that were filed against him and son Tristen Nash following a Christmas Eve altercation.

Nash, aka Diesel and “Big Daddy Cool” while in the ring, assured the public that he and his family are back to normal following the incident, the Orlando Sentinel notes.

In an interview with the news site, Kevin Nash blamed the “fight” on his son Tristen’s drinking and said that no punches were exchanged.

“We’re not the Capones,” Nash said. “We just opened presents and we went out to dinner last night.”

Incident reports from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office indicate there were “three visits to the Nashes’ home on Atlantic Avenue near Daytona Beach Shores between midnight and 2 a.m. Wednesday.”

A man reported to be Tristen’s uncle said the 18-year-old was drinking heavily and had “slung his mom around the kitchen.” The uncle also stated that Tristen “took a swing” at him.

Kevin Nash added that Tristen had “spit in his face” and “body checked” him.

“I’m a big, old guy,” the elder Nash said. “I could have hit him anywhere.”

Tristen’s take on the story was that his father was upset over his drinking and “relationship issues” with his girlfriend.

The police reports state that his father “grabbed his son’s throat and shoulder and pushed him down.” This caused Tristen to hit his head and “temporarily black out.”

Tristen told investigators that his father had placed “pressure” on his chest and that he “had trouble breathing.”

Tamara Nash, 47, at first claimed that she hadn’t heard anything but later said that it was Tristen, who attacked her husband.

She said that she hadn’t said anything at first because she was afraid due to “previous physical altercations” between herself and her son.

Kevin Nash immediately responded to the incident via Twitter, stating, “The pain of the last 24 hours will never be erased.”

He later praised Volusia County officials.

What say you, readers? Should Kevin Nash be suspended until his domestic charge is resolved, and who do you think is telling the truth? Sound off in our comments section.

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