Sean Penn Gets Spanked By Former Co-Star in LAX Shouting Match

Holiday travelers at LAX were greeted to a new type of performance by Sean Penn and Cuban actress Maria Conchita Alonso. The two were were once co-stars but they had a bit of a break up at LAX airport, with Alonso screaming at Penn that he was a “communist asshole” after he called her a “pig”.

It seems fate had the two meet at LAX, in Los Angeles, California. Alonzo, who had been born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela, saw Penn trying to find a piece of lost luggage.

Alonso had, in the past, written a very public letter to Penn to call him out for his support of Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez.

Fox News is reporting that the conversation was overheard to go like this. Alonso said, “I was very calm. I said, ‘I would like to talk to you.’ He said, ‘I have nothing to say to you … You have been saying a lot of things about me in the press.’ I said, ‘How can you defend Chavez?'”

Alonso than started getting heated and the argument escalated to the point where she said “‘You are a communist, Sean Penn”.

Penn screamed and said, “You are a pig!”

So Alonso replied “And you are a communist asshole! Is it great to live the way you do as a communist?'” Nearly 60 people were watching and were quite shocked to see the melee.

The two had been co-stars in the 1988 film Colors.

Is Sean Penn a Communist Asshole? More importantly would you have liked to see the argument?

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