Walker Scuffle: 2 Women Use Their Walkers In Fight Over Money

A walker scuffle occurred between two Montana women when their argument escalated to violence. Ravalli Republic reports that 62-year-old Joyce Marie Renfroe of Hamilton is being charged with felony of intimidation and misdemeanor counts of assault and criminal mischief.

On December 8 at 10 p.m., Renfroe used her walker to run over her roommate, Jeanne Hatfield, when she didn’t adhere to her warning. Renfroe and Hatfield were arguing about money and in the midst of their spat, Renfroe left her bedroom room with her walker. Hatfield stood in the hallway with her walker and that’s when Renfroe warned her to move or she’d run her over. She continued as threatened and hit Hatfield, who fell to the ground; her Life Alert necklace and walker broke. Hatfield also suffered a bit of bruising after the walker scuffle.

Things went from bad to worse when Hatfield told Renfroe she was going to call police. Renfroe told her if she did that, she’d kill her. Hatfield believed her, so didn’t call for police until after her caregiver arrived at their home.

When police were taking statements, Renfroe allegedly admitted to the fight, but made claims that she was backing out of her bedroom with her walker when the “collision” with Hatfield’s walker happened.

Court records indicate that Renfroe also admits to telling Hatfield she’d kill her if she didn’t move out of her way. According to the report, the acting Justice of the Peace allowed Renfroe to remain free on her own recognizance.

In August 2012, there was similar type of scuffle between two men with their crutches. As New York Daily News covered at the time, the bizarre altercation was between a homeless man and a tourist. Exactly what they were fighting over wasn’t clear, but it was a violent interaction in front of Times Square. The fight went on for one minute before police intervention occurred, the report states. Within five minutes both individuals were separated.

Another altercation happened with a girl who was wheelchair-bound. Fly Height had video coverage of the girl who leaped out of her wheelchair to help her friend in a fight she was having with another girl.

When emotions run high, there’s no underestimating what some people are capable of. If anything, the surge of adrenaline is so powerful that it can make those with limitations suddenly react physically — as seen in the walker scuffle!

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