Bellator MMA Reaches Out To Brock Lesnar, They Vow To Sign The WWE Champion

It seems like every other day there’s an update on the status of the current WWE champion Brock Lesnar. Well, now it’s been confirmed that UFC rival Bellator MMA has reached out to soon-to-be free agent Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar’s WWE contract expires on March 31, 2015, and the belief within WWE is that Lesnar will be returning to the world of mixed martial arts after his WWE deal expires.

When Lesnar appeared on RAW just about two weeks ago, he was noticeably down in weight. People close to the situation believe that Lesnar is slimming down in an effort to be ready to cut weight, and make it down to 265 pounds, which is the weight limit for heavyweights in MMA.

With the entire mixed martial arts world knowing that Brock Lesnar — who was the biggest pay-per-view draw in UFC history while he was fighting — is about to be a free agent, Bellator MMA president Scott Coker told MMA Fighting that he has reached out to the current WWE champ, and that the company is very interested in Brock Lesnar’s services.

Coker admitted that he hasn’t had any serious talks with Lesnar, but he has reached out, and plans to have a more serious conversation with “The Beast” after WrestleMania 31.

“There hasn’t been any serious dialogue. But when the time comes to have serious dialogue, we’ll be right there.”

UFC president Dana White believes that there’s no way that Brock Lesnar will sign with Bellator MMA because, according to White, Lesnar wants to fight the best heavyweights in the world, and he can’t do that in Bellator. Also, there is some speculation that because Lesnar retired from the UFC before his UFC contract expired, the UFC may have frozen Lesnar’s UFC contract, and as a result, they may still hold Brock Lesnar’s MMA rights, which would prevent him from signing anywhere else.

Brock Lesnar’s on-screen advocate and real-life friend Paul Heyman suggests that Brock Lesnar was never 100 percent healthy in the UFC, and he was, at best, 60 percent healthy, even when he was the UFC heavyweight champion. Heyman also believes that Lesnar would be able to run through the UFC’s heavyweight division if he were to make a comeback, and confirmed that Lesnar has watched multiple UFC heavyweight title fights since he’s retired, and has told Heyman every time that he can “kick that guy’s a**.”

The common belief is that Lesnar will leave WWE in 2015, fight for either the UFC or Bellator, and when he gets it out of his system, he’ll go back to WWE for one last run before riding off into the sunset for good.

Brock Lesnar hasn’t had a professional MMA fight since UFC 141, which took place on December 30, 2011. At that event, Lesnar took on Alistair Overeem, and was knocked out in the very first round. Lesnar has a professional MMA record of 5-3.

[Image via MMA Fighting]

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