Taco Bell Commercial Depicting Same-Sex Couple Cuddling, Marrying, Goes Viral

It’s purported to be a leaked Taco Bell commercial, and it’s going viral this week, as viewers try to determine whether it is really from the fast food company. The video, which you can see below, depicts a same-sex couple sharing Taco Bell, before taking off for a morning of arcade entertainment, cuddling on a blanket, and dashing through what appears to be a quick wedding, all before work.

The video was uploaded to YouTube just over a week ago, but didn’t start getting much attention until Gawker reported that Taco Bell wasn’t answering requests for information. Was the commercial real? Taco Bell wasn’t saying.

Now, the purported Taco Bell commercial is getting shares on Twitter, thousands of new views, and op-eds about whether it’s an offensive depiction of gay men. (Queerty has called it out for being exceptionally heteronormative.)

It certainly appears to be, as Gawker points out, an actual professionally produced commercial, not a parody or low-budget imitation. The question of whether it’s really a leaked Taco Bell ad is still open, though.

The YouTube account behind the video has no other uploads, and appears to have been created solely for this commercial upload; it was created the day before the video was uploaded. Associated social media accounts also have no visible activity.

Naturally, all of this has spurred speculation that Taco Bell had the commercial created and intentionally leaked, in order to get positive attention from one customer demographic with minimal notice from those customers who would respond less positively. While that may be the case, a number of companies have released commercials recently expressing acceptance of gay couples, and while there’s been backlash, there’s no sign that any of the companies have significantly suffered for it.

Amazon, for one, released a commercial in early 2013 — nearly two years ago — depicting a gay couple, and while some people were offended, the angry outcry quickly died down.

However, many of these gay-positive ads have been released online only — perhaps indicating that the television market would still take issue with a commercial that shows a gay couple existing and living an ordinary life. Might Taco Bell have really commissioned the ad, with the intent of releasing it online only?

It’s certainly one possibility, as is the theory of an intentional leak. The Inquisitr sent an e-mail to Taco Bell’s media relations address, but like other outlets report, no response has been received. If Taco Bell should respond, an update will be forthcoming.

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