‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Movie Ahead? Satire Site Tantalizes Fans With False Report

Fans of Sons of Anarchy would have loved to have the series continue on for a while beyond the Season 7 finale, either in terms of more episodes on FX or a movie. A recent story online whipped many SOA fans into a frenzy when it was reported that show creator Kurt Sutter was indeed moving forward with a movie. Unfortunately, there is no truth to this one.

As GossipCop notes, a story on the satire site Empire News started the rumors of a Sons of Anarchy movie. The story had supposed quotes by show creator Kurt Sutter and it was even said that Brad Pitt would play John Teller. Sutter allegedly said that the SOA movie would be a prequel to the series, a story idea which has been bandied about quite a bit already.

The article even included supposed quotes from Sutter indicating that he thought Pitt was perfect for the role, and that the movie would cover the time from when Jax Teller was born until the FX series Sons of Anarchy began. The post also claimed that Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal would return, as would Ryan Hurst, who played Opie Winston.

Sutter himself even stirred up some of the buzz via his social media accounts, eventually joking about how he was moving forward with the Puns of Anarchy movie starring Carrot Top, Don Rickles and Sarah Silverman. At another point he joked about how expensive it is to get Brad Pitt.

Despite the fact that other headlines on the originating site make it pretty clear that this is a site that has some fun with stories and headlines, many SOA fans went wild buzzing over the supposed movie news. While there has been talk of Sutter doing a prequel focusing on “The First 9” of SAMCRO, fans shouldn’t start looking for specifics on that one at this point.

Next up for Sutter is the pilot for The Bastard Executioner. He’s working on it now, with more to come in 2015. If a prequel vehicle for Sons of Anarchy does come to fruition, it will be further down the road, and Sutter has previously indicated he envisions it being a miniseries about the length of one season of the original show, notes Nerd Core Movement.

Though fans clearly would fully embrace a Sons of Anarchy movie starring Pitt, Sagal, Hunnam and Hurst, this one is just a fabricated story that went viral thanks to SOA fans who would love to see their favorite SAMCRO characters return for more.

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