Sir Patrick Stewart Awesomely Loses It While Wearing a Singing, Dancing Christmas Hat

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of those celebrities that you know you would just want to be friends with, and it isn’t just because of his amazing acting ability. He just seems like a fun person overall, and that was evident in a short video he tweeted out to his followers that showed him reacting perfectly to wearing a dancing and singing Christmas hat.

Yes, Sir Patrick Stewart in a dancing and singing Christmas hat.

It was early on Christmas morning that Stewart tweeted out the video to his followers with a simple message.

“Merry Christmas!”

People reported that the video was actually filmed and posted online by Sunny Ozell, Stewart’s wife. It’s a mere 37 seconds and simply titled “Sweet Hat Bro,” but it is one that you will likely watch repeatedly for hours and find it hard to contain your laughter.

Since landing on YouTube on Christmas Eve, the video has now been viewed over 373,000 times.

The Daily Dot said it best about Stewart and the video. His expression “oscillates between visible disgust and suppressed laughter.”

Ozell was not going to be one that hid her laughter though as you can hear her cracking up the entire time, and she cares not what expression her husband has on his face. It’s also obvious that the internet loved his Christmas shenanigans as well.

When it comes to Christmas, the former Star Trek captain knows how to have some fun. It’s really difficult to contain your laughter when staring at the leader of the X-Men enjoying some good old-fashioned Christmas spirit with a singing and dancing hat atop his gloriously bald head.

It’s obvious that his sense of humor has only improved since being formally knighted by the Queen back in 2010.

Of course, Sir Patrick Stewart could go the way of his good friend, Sir Christopher Lee, and release YouTube videos of a different kind. The annual videos by Lee give his heavy metal versions of Christmas songs such as “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing” with awesome lyrics of great joy.

“Darkest carols, faithful sing… glory to… the metal kings!”

It’s obvious that Patrick Stewart cares not that he is 74-years-old, is a knight, and has accomplished more in his life than some families will combined. He’s enjoying his years with his wife and not worrying what anyone has to say about it.

[Image via YouTube]

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