Rob Kardashian: Reality Star Reportedly Depressed, Isolated Himself From Kardashian Family For Christmas

Rob Kardashian’s depressed state isn’t getting much better. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star reportedly spent Christmas depressed and alone. According to Radar Online, the 27-year-old reality star has isolated himself from friends and family. An alleged source even revealed Rob is nowhere near as wealthy as the rest of the family. He reportedly wants nothing to do with his famous family or the ever-popular reality show.

“Everyone is really worried.”

“Rob has pretty much shut out all of his friends and his family,” the source explained. “He does not have a lot of money because he’s not doing anything right now and he wants nothing to do with ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.'”

In addition to depression, Rob is still battling problems with weight gain. His appearance is reportedly the main reason for his heightened insecurity. As a matter of fact, Rob really hasn’t been in the public eye since he was scrutinized by the media while attending his sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to rapper Kanye West.

However, this situation is no different than the wedding debacle, which ended terribly with Rob leaving before the wedding even took place. Although it was previously reported that he and Khloe were making weight loss progress and lifestyle changes to help better his health, he’s still having a very difficult time. He reportedly feels he’s in a family full of fame monsters.

“Rob is so insecure about how big he has gotten and all the rest of them care about is how skinny they are. It makes him sick. He wants nothing to do with any of them aside from Khloe,” the source explained. “Rob thinks that his whole family sold out to the fame and wealth and says his father would roll over in his grave if he saw what has happened to their once tight family. He is living with Khloe right now because he really has no one left. Although Khloe is not with Lamar Odom, Rob still is in contact with Lamar and talks to him more than he does his own evil mother.”

Although the Christmas rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, there’s a strong possibility the claims are true because this definitely isn’t Rob’s first time isolating himself from the world. Hopefully, he gets the help he needs to get back on track.

Do you agree with Rob Kardashian? Is his family addicted to fame? Share your thoughts.

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