Dustin Diamond: Arrested In Switchblade Fight, Stabs Man At Bar

Dustin Diamond, aka Screech, has been arrested for stabbing a man at a bar. According to TMZ, the man best known for his role on Saved By the Bell was arrested after he pulled out a switchblade, leaving police no choice but to charge him with reckless behavior.

According to Daily Mail, Dustin Diamond and his girlfriend had an altercation with another couple at a bar. The fight escalated after ‘Screech’s’ girlfriend pushed the other woman as the woman tried to exit the bar. According to the witness, that’s when Dustin Diamond pulled out his personal switchblade—most likely in an attempt to protect her.

When police arrived at the scene in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin., Dustin Diamond was arrested and charged with reckless behavior, possession of a switchblade, and carrying a concealed weapon, according to Fox6-Now.

Law enforcement authorities transported the former Saved By the Bell star to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s office and placed him on $1,000 bond. At last check, Screech was still sitting in jail.

Stand-up comedian Dustin Diamond has been referred to as one of the biggest jerks of the Saved By The Bell show. Surprisingly, Dustin Diamond was nothing like the nerdy Bayside High School character he played in the television series. In real life, he ended up being the most controversial figures of the entire cast, maligning himself among his fellow cast members due to revealing some very nasty truths about each one in his salacious tell-all book. Since the show ended, he has dabbled in music and comedy, though he is mostly remembered for the scandal that he created after the show’s end.

The television show premiered on NBC in August 1989. An instant hit among teenagers, Saved By The Bell was followed by 1993’s Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

In September, the Inquisitr reported that the Lifetime movie, entitled The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story, was determined to tell the true story behind the hit television show. The Lifetime movie was not the first Saved By The Bell movie. In the early 1990’s NBC made two movies of their own with the cast: Saved By The Bell—the movie and Saved By The Bell-Hawaiian Style.

No word on when someone might contribute the $1k to post bond for Dustin Diamond.

An updated version of this story reflects that the woman in the photo is his girlfriend. TMZ has also updated their site with footage from brawl. The latest report states that Dustin Diamond actually stabbed the man with whom he was arguing. The man’s injuries were considered non-threatening.

Fans are asking about the $1k bond that was placed on Dustin Diamond, stating that the bond amount seems small for an actual stabbing. Check back for updates.

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