Bill Clinton: This Year In Photos (With Different Attractive Women)

Bill Clinton was one busy guy this year. More than a decade since leaving the White House, the ex-president’s planner has been filled with world tours and speaking engagements, mainly promoting the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit founded by the family and ran by his daughter, Chelsea. The organization aims to empower people in and outside the United States by advising on health and economic policies and solutions that can potentially improve the living conditions of people around the globe.

He’s also been quite busy posing for photos with hot girls.

It’s been years since the Lewinsky scandal has sizzled, and everything’s been good and well between Bill and the missus. Unfortunately, people — Dems and Reps alike — aren’t as forgiving and forgetting. Now that the internet is a ready tool for the average rumor-mongering netizen, any photo taken with the former president posing with a random beautiful lady gets taken out of context, inevitably resuscitating long-dead jokes about Clinton allegedly being extra-close to the ladies.

This year alone, Clinton has made headlines just for posing beside attractive girls during obligatory selfies. Here are some pics that marked the ex-president’s year:

1. A fun photo with some Moonlite Bunny Ranch entertainers


The Inquisitr reported last March about this photo, which took the internet by storm earlier this year. This was taken during the Unite4Charity event in Los Angeles, where Clinton was invited as keynote speaker. The two ladies in front of him are Ava Adora and Barbie Girl (yes, the blonde one), two prominent employees of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Earlier rumors claimed the two ladies drunkenly gatecrashed the charity event to take pics with invited celebs. However, according Ranch owner Dennis Hof, the girls were actually official guests of the event. Hof added that the former president wasn’t aware the two girls were with the brothel. Shortly after the event, Bunny Ranch proudly uploaded the pic on their Facebook page.

2. Bill with Demi Lovato

Bill Clinton’s selfie with 22-year-old Lovato was taken during the same charity event as above. Bill sure met a lot of girls during that charity gala.

3. Slick Willie looking away from the camera


In this photo, Slick Willie appeared to look down on the top of a woman who was taking a selfie. Uploaded on Reddit by user dev27, netizens were set abuzz by this very candid moment between a young, attractive woman and a gazing ex-POTUS. To be fair, Bill may have just been caught in a very bad timing, and was probably not really looking at ’em. Unfortunately for him, the internet wants to look at the incident the other way.

4. Clinton with young blonde


This year’s photo gallery ends with the most popular: Bill’s photo with Andrea Catsimatidis, the daughter of billionaire grocer and CEO of Gristedes Foods, John Catsimatidis. A recent Inquisitr report revealed that the family has been a long supporter of the Clinton political duo and their foundation.

The photo was first tweeted by Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski, and was retweeted more than a hundred times since posting. Some Twitter users have maliciously cropped the image of the older lady on the right, Andrea’s mother, Margo, leaving just Bill and Andrea posing together. Some reports, however, have confirmed that the ex-pres was just hanging out with the family and nothing more.

Did we miss any of Bill Clinton’s spiciest photos of 2014? Tell us in the comment section below.

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