‘The Interview’ Released, Social Media Responds: Compare To ‘Peter Pan Live’ Tweets

After the controversy about whether the eagerly anticipated film The Interview would be released, the movie has finally become available in various formats. And while Sony Pictures Entertainment may not be making its decisions on the future of The Interview based on Twitter, social media immediately responded with as much gusto as when they panned their way happily through Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music Live.

Professional and amateur reviewers, including celebrities, are responding in different ways based on whether they watched The Interview streamed online or released in one of the 300 individually-owned movie theaters on Christmas Day, reported Indie Wire.

What do they have to say? Some focused on excitement that Sony had made the decision to release the film, and that they could chomp popcorn at the cinema while watching it, including actor John Stamos.

“BTW Come hell or high water I’m going to see #TheInterview tomorrow- If I have to go to Franco’s house and he acts it out for me. #hackgate”

Piers Morgan, however, focused on the political ramifications and hacking scandal.

“Happy streaming…if you want Kim Jong-un to have your Amex details. #TheInterview”

For owners of the independently-owned movie theaters who chose to screen the film, security was a concern. And that was made evident in the tweet from The Cinefamily, which is a non-profit organization created by and for movie lovers.

“We’re hiring security and carolers for tonight’s screening of #TheInterview. This might be the most surreal day in Cinefamily history.”

Treating The Interview as a home entertainment event suited to live-tweeting, many chose to do just that, according to People magazine.

30 minutes into #TheInterview and it’s pretty predictably awful. Isn’t the CIA actress the girl from mean girls?! @VincentHarris

Instantly fell in love with the CIA Agent in #TheInterview. #bae @SeanyMD

#TheInterview is setting up as a critique of U.S. media. Rogen wants to be a “60 Minutes” reporter and Franco wants gossipy and popular news @frankpallotta

And critics weren’t particularly kind when they took to Twitter.

“The title of this movie review is self-explanatory… Freedom of course includes the freedom to produce bad. @thecitysentinel”

The last live-Tweeted event that received so many responses was Peter Pan Live, as the Inquisitr reported. And The Interview actors upset by some of the more negative tweets may want to consider the comments on Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, as well as the fact that the live dog received the best reviews of the night.

“There have been better staged fights on ‘The Real Housewives.'”

“Nana the dog turns down the missing kids’ beds? Give that dog an Emmy.”

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