‘The Walking Dead’: Did Norman Reedus Confirm Daryl Dixon Is Invincible On The Show?

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus recently let his fans know that he’s pretty much invincible.

On Christmas Eve, Reedus tweeted about beating death more times than Jesus.

“Happy holidays everyone! And don’t believe rumors they wanna sell papers it’s all bulls**t.And I also didn’t die four times this yearBE NICE”

It’s unclear which rumors Norman is referencing in his tweet, but perhaps he’s responding to something The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently said. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kirkman teased Daryl Dixon fans by claiming that no one on the show is safe from death. He then singled out Norman Reedus to make his point.

Norman Reedus Shoots Down Mystery Rumors On Twitter

Kirkman’s mean-spirited words quickly turned into speculation that Daryl Dixon will die on the show in the near future. Cinema Blend writer Kendall Ashley explained why she found Kirkman’s words believable.

“I certainly do believe that Daryl could be killed off despite the fandom’s rabid support of Norman Reedus’ character. We are merely pawns in Kirkman’s cruel game of walkers and heartbreak.”

Maybe Norman’s tweet was a major spoiler letting his fans know that they don’t have to worry about his character dying — rumors about Dixon’s death will always be nothing more than rumors because Robert Kirkman doesn’t really have the guts to kill off a character that is such a heavy fan favorite.

The only other recent rumor Norman Reedus could be referencing in his tweet is a tabloid story claiming that he cheated on his 21-year-old girlfriend, Cecilia Singley. According to RumorFix, Star accused 45-year-old Norman of ditching the model and flirting with three different women at a bar in NYC. Reedus has millions of female fans who believe that he walks on water, so obviously he would want to shoot down a rumor like this ASAP. Maybe he threw in the “BE NICE” because he was getting some ugly tweets about the tabloid story.

As for Norman’s reminder that he “didn’t die four times this year,” it’s possible that he wasn’t referring to the constant speculation about Daryl Dixon’s death — his tweet may have been a reference to rumors of his own demise. According to the International Business Times, Norman Reedus was the subject of an internet death hoax in June of this year. A Facebook page featuring a faux obituary tricked some fans into thinking that the actor had died in a car crash. Norman Reedus quickly acknowledged (and debunked) the hoax by sharing a Twitter photo of himself and The Walking Dead costar Emily Kinney in the trunk of a car.

Sadly, a car did play a part in Beth Greene’s demise.

What do you think of Norman Reedus’ tweet? Was he trying to reassure fans that their favorite hillbilly with a hipster haircut will be on The Walking Dead for many years to come or was he responding to internet death hoaxes and an unflattering tabloid tale about his love life?

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