Avril Lavigne Reveals Her Holiday-Themed Addiction On Twitter

Avril Lavigne took to Twitter this week to respond to rumors she has been spending her holidays in rehab. She brushed off the talk as amusing, but fessed up to an addiction to a holiday tradition.

The rumor mill started after Lavigne told a fan in a private Twitter message that she was laying low to take care of herself.

“I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them [know] why I’ve been absent. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.”

Billboardreported earlier this month that the message did indeed come from Lavigne. Avril’s representatives did not reveal the details of her health challenge but confirmed to the publication that the singer is not pregnant.

Prior to the tweet, Lavigne’s only comment on the matter had been a public “thank you” to well-wishes from fans.

Mail Online reported that Lavigne’s health concerns come a short time after rumors that her marriage was in trouble. Lavigne’s husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, had dismissed the stories of marital strife.

“You know my dad calls me up and he’s just like, ‘I haven’t slept in two days, what’s going on?’ I’m like, ‘Dad you’re not buying all this c**p are you?’ You know, I get to hear all the rumour mill stuff. So it’s, it’s… I find it very amusing.”

Rumors of trouble between the couple were fueled when Chad was a no-show to Lavigne’s 30th birthday in September. Kroeger and Lavigne married in July 2013 after dating more than a year. Lavigne’s first marriage, to Deryck Whibley, lasted for three years. They divorced in 2009.

Not long after dismissing the rehab rumors, Avril Lavigne was tweeting out holiday messages to fans.

It has been a year since Lavigne’s last release. The self-titled album featured a guest performance by Kroeger.

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