‘The Interview’ Declined By Apple: Are They Afraid Of Threats?

The Interview has been the most discussed film of the year thanks to the Sony hacks. The film was scheduled to be released nationwide on December 25. Sony then backed off due to threats, but have recently said The Interview will play in select theaters on Christmas day. The hotly anticipated film has also been released online to Google and YouTube.

Apparently, Sony asked Apple to distribute The Interview on iTunes, but they refused. The New York Times claims that Apple had no interest in the film.

“According to people briefed on the matter, Sony had in recent days asked the White House for help in lining up a single technology partner — Apple, which operates iTunes — but the tech company was not interested, at least not on a speedy time table. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.”

While some may be surprised at Apple’s decision not to distribute The Interview, their decision is understandable. Apple, the most successful tech company in the world, doesn’t want the baggage this controversial film brings. Apple also doesn’t want to be the target of online hacks, which have devastated Sony, especially due to hacked racial emails.

The Interview is a political comedy satire film directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Dan Sterling wrote the screenplay. The film, which also features James Franco, is about journalists who are told to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who is played by Randall Parks. The Interview hasn’t exactly been a critical hit. Peter Travers from Rolling Stone gave the film a positive review, though believes the film can never live up to the hype.

“I don’t know any political satire that could carry the burden of repping free expression in America. The Interview certainly can’t. Its mission is merely to make audiences piss themselves laughing. At that it succeeds. It’s killer funny. Even when the jokes miss, or grow repetitive, you can’t help rooting for it.”

The Wall Street Journal, perhaps, is the news outlet that is most critical of The Interview. Critic Joe Morgenstern admits parts are funny, but finds the film to be vapid.

“No one ever thought The Interview would be high art, but its lows are unwittingly epic.”

People might have criticized Sony for their original decision not to release The Interview to theaters this Christmas. They may have fretted over the terrorist threats. But bad publicity often becomes good publicity and their film now has a much larger audience than it would have without the recent events. Did you watch The Interview? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Courtesy: Sony Pictures]

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