Man Accidentally Sells Girlfriend’s Cat On Craigslist: Will ‘Camo’ Make It Home For Christmas?

Roy Dufek from Portland, Oregon is in a whole heap of trouble right now, as he accidentally sold his girlfriend’s beloved cat, Camo, on Craigslist. The main focus for the time being is to get the poor kitty home where he belongs for Christmas.

When we say Dufek accidentally sold the kitty on Craigslist we mean it in the most literal sense, as he sold the couple’s old mattress for a $100. Unfortunately, Camo was hiding in his usual spot inside the said mattress and was, therefore, unwittingly sold with it.

In a desperate attempt to locate the missing feline, Portlanders have taken to social media, as well as to the streets, to help find him.

As reported, Dufek decided to help his girlfriend by selling her two beds while she was at work. He sold the first one, and an hour later he was hanging out with Camo at the apartment when someone contacted him about the second.

When Dufek helped the second buyer carry the mattress to his car, he had no idea that Camo was inside, until he went back indoors and was unable to find the cat.

After Dufek and his girlfriend went into a panic, the buyer of the mattress allowed them to carry out a full search of his apartment and even put a cat trap in his garage.

Soon after Dufek took to Craigslist and Reddit to locate Camo, emails and comments came flooding in from concerned locals and cat lovers, as Dufek posted, “We’re so incredibly thankful that anyone would care about our cat.”

For the time being, a few neighbors have reported cat sightings, but nothing that has lead to finding Camo. As Dufek said, “People have told us stories of their cat that was gone a few months, or a month, and found the way home. So that gives us hope. The only issue is we don’t live at that apartment anymore.”

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