Kendall and Kris Jenner For ‘Love’ Advent Calendar Is The Most Awkward Video Ever

Kendall Jenner was already featured on the eighth and fifteenth day of Love magazine’s Advent calendar. She was seen getting spanked by Santa Claus and getting dirty with a candy cane. Now she’s back for the 23rd day of the Advent calendar, alongside her mom Kris Jenner. The women are seen in a short video shot by Doug Inglish and styled by Anthony Unwin, according to the Huffington Post.

The video for the Advent Calendar is one of the most awkward videos you will ever see. It features the 19-year-old dancing around in lingerie next to her mom. She also touches her bottom and spreads her cheeks for the camera. When your mom is Kris Jenner, it seems like anything goes.

In Day 23 of Love’s Advent Calendar, Kris and Kendall wear matching reindeer antlers. It’s better than wearing matching lingerie. They shake their bottoms somewhat seductively to the camera. The Advent Calendar video focuses on legs, and it shows a whole lot of Kendall’s legs in the video.

The duo also do a little dance around a Christmas tree. Kendall knocks the Christmas tree down with a candy cane, while mama Jenner plucks ornaments and throws them on the floor.

People have already been disgusted with the new video featured on the Advent Calendar. They believe that it’s a really weird thing for a mother and daughter to do together. Some complained that the video was too awkward and cringe worthy to watch.

It didn’t take people long to express their outrage online. Some can’t believe the lengths that Kris Jenner will go through to expose her daughters. Even if it takes dancing around in lingerie in a sexy photo shoot for the Advent Calendar.

Some fans fear that Kris is now using Kendall for her 15-minutes of fan. It’s been rumored that Kris used Kim Kardashian’s sex tape to get noticed, since it worked for Paris Hilton. She allegedly signed an agreement with Vivid, who owns the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Some have already complained that Kris Jenner’s photos for the Advent Calendar challenge has been too sexy. Love tweeted a message on Dec. 15 saying, “Happy KRISmas!”

The 59-year-old was shot in a tuxedo dress that showed plenty of cleavage. The mom also showed off some of her own “booty-poppin’ moves of her own,” according to E! Online.

It may seem like Kris is competing Kendall, especially when it comes to the sexiest Advent Calendar video. It still raised some concern around the Internet. Jennifer Porcelli on Inquisitr posed the question:

“First off, would you want your mom dancing, or rather shimmying, around in skimpy clothes for the same magazine that you were featured in?”

The purpose of the Advent Calendar is to get people into the holiday spirit. The calendar just has sexy shots of half-naked models and celebrities dancing around suggestively. Is dancing around in your underwear, even with your mom, an ideal way to spread Christmas cheer?

[Image: Love Magazine]

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